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HC Verma Class 9 Book: A Comprehensive Guide for Learning Physics

HC Verma's Class 9 book is a comprehensive guide that covers all the essential topics in physics required for students of class 9. The book is authored by HC Verma, a renowned physics teacher, and author who has written several popular physics books.

Overview :

Overview of HC Verma Class 9 Book: 

The HC Verma Class 9 book is divided into 21 chapters, covering a wide range of topics such as motion, force, work, energy, sound, light, and electricity. Each chapter provides a detailed explanation of the topic, along with solved examples and practice questions.

About the author :

The book is written in a simple and lucid language, making it easier for students to understand the concepts. It includes numerous illustrations and diagrams that help students visualize and understand the concepts better.

Books Information: 

Author nameHc verma
Book nameHc verma
File Size10 mb
File typePdf

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